Majestic Bruckner

Sunday, March 10, 2024, 4:00PM
Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church
149 W Brush Hill Rd
Elmhurst, IL 60126

What’s Interesting About This Program

  • 2024 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Austrian composer Anton Bruckner. A remarkably humble composer (a leading music critic at the time called him “half genius, half simpleton”), he is best known for his symphonies and sacred music.
  • Bruckner’s music, however, is anything but humble. His works are often punctuated with expansive, organ-like walls of sound. The scene from Back to the Future when Marty McFly blasts himself backward through a wall by cranking up the stereo might as well have been a caricature of Bruckner’s music!
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, also an Austrian composer, arrived in the city of Linz and found himself in something of a pickle: A local count, Count Thun, unexpectedly insisted the young composer give a concert while in town. Mozart, unprepared but unphased, composed a brand-new symphony (nicknamed “Linz”) in just four days for the occasion.

What’s Playing

Anton Bruckner: Psalm 150
Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart: Symphony No. 36 (“Linz”)
Anton Bruckner: Te Deum

Who’s Performing

Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra
Stephen Alltop Music Director and Conductor
Apollo Chorus of Chicago
Soloists To-Be-Announced