Music for Your Health

Four Ways Classical Music Improves Your Body and Mind

Decrease Blood Pressure

study by Oxford University found that participants who listened to classical music had significantly lower blood pressure levels than participants who did not hear any music. Listening to music by Mozart and Strauss for 25 minutes lowered blood pressure substantially in the participants who took part in a study.

Memory Boost

In a study published in Learning and Individual Differences in 2012, one group of students listened to a one-hour lecture where classical music was played in the background, and the other group heard the lecture with no music. Those in the first group scored significantly higher on a quiz than the second group.

Natural Pain Relief

When listening to music we can get carried away in the melody, but a study in 2006 found that groups of people that suffered chronic pain felt less pain post listening to classical music than those who didn’t.

Sleep Soundly

Several studies have documented that listening to classical music about 45 minutes before bed improves sleep quality. The tempo of the music matters — aim for around 60 beats per minute.

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