Senior vs Subscriber: What’s the Better Option?

With the change to Reserved Seating for the 2023/2024 Season also comes revised ticket pricing, as well. This has many of our patrons — especially those who’ve taken advantage of our longrunning commitment to offering lower prices for seniors — wondering, what’s the best deal? Should you purchase a Season Subscription or stick with Senior Tickets?

Season Subscriptions are by far the best way to attend ESO concerts. Season Subscriptions provide:

  • Better Discount
  • Better Seat Selection
  • More Flexibility

Better Discount

This requires a bit of math, so bear with us as we “show our work” below.

In the 2023/2024 Season, prices will be tiered so that an individual Senior Ticket will be priced as follows.

  • Green Zone – $42
  • Yellow Zone – $37
  • Red Zone – $32

For reference, you can view a color-coded seating chart here.

Let’s compare those individual Senior Ticket prices to Season Subscriptions. Using a 5-concert Series in the Green Zone, the math looks like this:

  • Senior Tickets: $42 x 5 concerts = $210
  • Subscription: 5 concerts for $170
  • Best Deal = Subscription

This math works out for other color zones and series, too.

  • Yellow Zone: $37 x 5 = $185 for Senior Tickets vs. $155 for a Subscription ($30 saved)
  • Red Zone: $32 x 5 = $160 for Senior Tickets vs $140 for a Subscription ($20 saved)

Finally, let’s look at one more example: The least expensive Season Subscription is a 3-concert Series in the Red Zone (again, a seat map can be viewed here) for $90. Compare that to $96 for Seniors ($32 x 3 concerts), and the Season Subscription still provides the best discount.

Seat Selection

Another major advantage of a Season Subscription is the seats and when you can buy them. Season Subscriptions are on sale now, months before Senior Tickets go on sale in August. This means Season Subscribers are able to scoop up the best seats before they even go on sale to single ticket buyers.

When you also consider that Season Subscribers get to keep the same seats from year to year, the benefits of buying your favorite seats as early as possible are even more pronounced.


Last but not least, Season Subscribers receive Unlimited Complimentary Ticket Exchanges all season long. Single ticket buyers, including those purchasing Senior Tickets, do not.

Imagine this scenario: You’ve purchased a Senior Ticket to an upcoming ESO concert. At the last minute, your friend decides to join you. But there’s a problem: There are no open seats near your Senior Ticket for your friend to purchase, so you can’t sit together at the concert. 

With a Season Subscription, however, your seat can be moved to anywhere in the concert hall with a quick email or call to our office. We can find a pair (or trio, or quartet) of open seats for you and your friends to enjoy together at the concert.